18 images from the final selection that did not make it to enter the EPSON 2017 Calendar, still are worth considering "Senza Confini" ("Without Borders") EPSON 2017 Calendar 12 selected images, in the large original size
THE LAST FRONTIERS 40 images from the project
BUGIS SAILORS 40 images for sea lovers
SPIRITUALITY in South East Asia 30 images from the exhibition
iMOSCOW 24 images
MARI (Seas) 55 images from the exhibition
OLD VIETNAM 20 images
The Hasselblad XPan Series: 30 preferred images from around the world
The CHAD XPan Series 24 images from the desert experience
MONUMENT VALLEY a 14 images portfolio
MAGICAL TATTOO 25 iconic images
DECADE Ten Years In Asia images from the book
BELIEVERS 40 top images from the prayer project
The ITALIAN SQUARE Panoramic Series 25 images
IRISH WILD ATLANTIC WAY 36 iconic images
LOFOTEN ISLANDS a 30 images portfolio
The COLLAGE Series: 20 composite images

All images are ©Andrea Pistolesi